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Hey there! I’m Sanaa.

Yes, that’s me!

(Yes, that’s my real hair, let’s not even go there right now. Save it for the many hair rants to come. Kay? Lol)

However …

If you’re reading this right now, you’re one very lucky person! Ha! Lol

Sanaa Rants hasn’t even been launched yet!

(We’re still currently in revamp mode.)

So what does that mean?

It means that right now, I’m just getting things started; writing a few blog posts, figuring out what my blog weekly routine will be (which currently I’m leaning towards one new post a week), still creating pages like this one and figuring everything else out.

However, I’ve decided not to make this blog private so you guys can join me in my little adventure.

(Like seriously you guys, please stay! Me. Need. Friends. Lol)

So if you plan on sticking around for the weekly conversations, follow my blog today!

I don’t know exactly when I’ll be launching this thang just yet, but what I do know is that launch month (yes month, not week) is gonna be uh-mazing!

I also know that a few of you guys (I mean gals) will be receiving Sanaa Mail once a month, once I do launch, which will include a letter from me, one drink recipe card, blog updates + news, a list of my fav things and more!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that now!

Click here to sign up.

One thing you’ll notice is that I love to talk, but believe it or not I hate talking to myself (unless I need expert advice of course, lol) so when you visit and you read something, leave a comment! I promise you I’ll respond.

Other than that, I shall end this here. Thanks for stopping by!

P.s – I’m looking for cool brands and companies to partner with for giveaways and such, so if you know someone that knows someone, or you happen to be that someone, you can email me at


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