So Barbie Has Curvy Dolls Now? Looks More Like “Regular Sized” Dolls To Me.

So ALLLLLL day I’ve been hearing the news about how Barbie has a line of new dolls, and I’ve finally had the chance to check it out.

Barbie has upgraded y’all!

Now there’s petite, tall and curvy dolls.

Here’s what they look like below.


Now wait just one second …

Can you tell the damn difference? Because I can’t.

Which one is curvy again?

Upset at Barbie's new Dolls

Lawd! If you’re going to make CURVY or TALL dolls, I’m going to need them to be more than a few centimeters bigger than your “original” dolls.

Because last time I checked in the mirror, I’m not a few centimeters bigger than my “petite” friends. And the last time I walked past a tall girl, she wasn’t two inches taller than me.

I like the thought behind it, but I can’t really back this one if they all still look very similar. The “curvy” dolls still look like stick figures! Are we serious?

It’s like someone said, let’s have all African American models for this fashion show, then turned around and only picked light skinned girls.

Upset at Barbie's new Dolls

Let’s try again next year Barbie!

And can we add a girl with a short puff this time? Instead of just long curls! Or maybe even one with no hair?

What do you guys think? Does this work for you or no?

Talk to me!

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