You Know What? I’m Glad I Ain’t Got No Ass, And Here’s Why.

So I just saw a photo of an old friend of mine on Facebook and immediately thought, “Where all that ass come from?” LOL

(No, that’s not her photo to the left, me and Kim ain’t friends!)

Seriously though, don’t judge me for this, but I really had to wonder because I remember when it wasn’t like that.

Then for the first time in my life, something inside me said, “Well I’m glad I ain’t got none”.


Wait what? Did I really just think that?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wondered why I didn’t have much. I mean I shouldn’t complain because I have a good size “rack”, but I would prefer things to be proportionate. Feel me? LOL

Either way, I kinda shocked myself with my own thoughts and really had to stop and think about this.

Why in the world did I suddenly just flip sides?

Well here’s why …

I would rather be approached because people thought I was genuienly pretty/interesting than be approached because I had a big ol’ booty!

I’m not saying looks is everything, because it’s not, but what I’m saying is that a LOT of men approach women just because of their ass, and have NO intentions of doing anything else other than, yeah you guessed it, having sex with her.


Not everyone is the same, but it happens way to often for my liking. So yeah, I’d rather not have it.

Because at least I can cover my chest, can’t nobody cover they ass. LOL

And what makes it worse is that women will take ass pics (photos of them positioned in such a way that their ass is clearly visable by all, even if that pose is not necessarily needed) to ensure that men look their way, or talk to them.

Not I says the cat!

But then again, I ain’t got none to show off. LOL

What do you guys think?

Talk to me!


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