Why I Created A Pre-Filled Editorial Calendar For Bloggers & How You Can Get Yours Today For 50% Off.

How many times have you looked at Twitter or Facebook and thought, “It’s National WHAT Day?” Why the hell wasn’t I notified?


(Note: National Cookie Day is NOT a day you want to miss! I mean who doesn’t love cookies? Lol)

I’m pretty sure this was my reaction for every cool national day this year and I’m pretty sick of missing out on all the fun stuff!

I too want free cookies and donuts!


However, that’s not the only reason I decided to create an editorial calendar for bloggers.

Have you seen how ugly those free calendars look?


Not only are they ugly, but most of them aren’t even actual calendars, they’re spreadsheets damn it.

Here, see for yourself!

Ew. Ugly! Plus not a calendar.
Ew. Ugly, and still not a calendar.
Um, seriously? SO not a calendar!
Oh yay! Look! An ugly calendar!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I use a calendar of any kind, I need to be able to see all of the days in front of me, in calendar form.

(Isn’t that the freaking reason I’m using a calendar instead of a journal?)


I need to be able to see right in front of me, with minimal scrolling, that there’s a draft due on Tuesday, an event on Friday and all my social media posts need to be scheduled by Sunday night if I want my life to go as smoothly as possible.

I can’t do that with those other calendars and neither can you!

(Plus, no one wants to look at those ugly colors!)

So, a few days ago I decided to create an editorial calendar for bloggers, pre-filled with holidays, fun days and blogger events because if I’m sick of it, then I know you are too!

Here’s what the MAC version looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.41.41 PM

And here’s what the PC version looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.07.07 PM

Now doesn’t that look a tad bit better?

And guess what?

It’s not just for January, it’s for the entire year of 2016! Yup! That’s 12 months of cool national days, holidays and blogger events already filled in for you!

(All you need to do is fill in the rest of your blog post ideas, social media post ideas, events, etc and I can even do that part for you if you want. Just email me at sanaabrooksblog@gmail.com and ask about my calendar management service! Boom!)

You might not be able to see from the example above, which is a part of your editorial calendar for future references, but you can use this calendar for just about anything, blog posts, events, and even your social media posts!

And I mean why not? It’s a lot easier to have everything in one place. Trust me! (I used to go back and forth between calendars and spreadsheets until I realized I could have one calendar for it all.)

So there you have it!

A pre-filled editorial calendar for bloggers, that’s not so ugly and really easy to use.


(But if editorial calendars still scare you, don’t worry, I explained everything for you! And you can email me any questions, any time.)

So what in the world are you waiting for? Get yours today! It’s only $6.99!

Mac Version           PC Version

And that’s pretty darn cheap considering my rate is $20/hr and it sure as hell didn’t take an hour to make the entire calendar, find all the days, events, etc. I’m just saying! Lol

(But if that’s still a bit too much for you, you can get yours today for half price by subscribing to my Sanaa Mail list! All mail subscribers will receive a special discount link.)

Consider this an early Christmas present!

P.s – Don’t forget to share this post with anyone that may need a new editorial calendar! Spread the love, it’s the Brooklyn way! LOL


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