8 Of The Best Albums I Downloaded This Year

So after going through my iTunes recently, I realized that this year I didn’t really download that many albums.

(I was literally looking for more albums to put on this list, but apparently everything else that I have came out in 2014. Lol) 

I don’t know if it’s because “ratchet music” became popular in NYC this year, or if I was just too damn busy. But either way, I’m glad I downloaded these albums, because boy are they good!

Here’s the list:


The Good Fight – Ace Clark

Ace is an indie artist and a good friend of mine, but if his album made this list then you know it’s good!

(I’m sorry, but I don’t care if you’re my best friend, if your shit ain’t up to par, I’m not promoting it. Simple.)

However, I was a fan of Ace even before we became friends. He’s not like every other indie artist that tries to get famous by following the trends, (thank God), he’s pretty much created his own path and I can’t wait until he blows up.

Although the entire album is uh-mazing, here are my favorites:

You Got It

Growing Up Fast

Waste Your Time



Compton – Dr. Dre

I definitely downloaded this one because of the movie.

 (That I still haven’t seen, ugh, don’t judge me. LOL)

But it’s helluh good, shit, I hope he wins the Grammy! This might be the only actual album that should qualify as hip hop that was nominated.

(No shade, no shade. Lol)

My favorite songs are:

It’s All On Me

All In A Day’s Work


Loose Cannons

For The Love Of Money


Medicine Man


Four Pink Walls – Alessia Cara

So I found out about this uh-mazing artist thanks to iTunes Radio, since her song “Here” is a single and I’ve been in love ever since.

This is only her EP but it’s still pretty good.

(Although I hate who ever mastered the album. NO one should have allowed this album to be released like this. One thing I learned in audio school last year, is that no one should ever have to touch the volume buttons while listening to your album.  But sadly enough “Outlaws” is about 6DBs lower than everything else. It’s so weird and I’m upset, even if no one else is. LOL)

Anywho, my favs are:


Four Pink Walls


Surf – Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

I don’t even remember how I came across this album, I think I was just looking around for music.

Wait, no, now I remember, I think “Wanna Be Cool” (or one of these songs) is on iTunes Radio as well, and then I googled the album after realizing it was Chance The Rapper and a band.

Either way, I downloaded it and fell in love with the horns!

(I’m a sucker for instruments.)

So yeah, you should listen to it. My favorites are:

Sunday Candy


Something Came To Me

Wanna Be Cool


Just Wait



Wildheart – Miguel

This one isn’t like uh-mazing, uh-mazing, but listen to it in the dark and you’ll enjoy it. Lol

No seriously, listening to music in the dark and in the light has two total effects on you.

(At least it does for me. Pause on life. Does that like make me weird or something? LOL Shrugs!)

Here are my favorites:


What’s Normal Anyway




If you’re reading this it’s too late – Drake

Like seriously, who’s not in love with Drake? Lol

I mean, I was on the wave way before he became mainstream, so I’m glad he’s everybody’s “favorite rapper” now. *cue side eye*

But funny enough, this album wasn’t as great as all the others on this list, and sure as hell not as great as his mixtape, sorry Drizzy!

But I’m still in love with this one song:



Jack U – Skrillex & Diplo

So I still don’t understand why people hate on Justin Bieber, because he’s a good artist, and he’s the reason I downloaded this album. Lol

I really just wanted to have “Where Are You Now” on my iTunes, but I have this bad habit of downloading an entire album, even if it’s just for one song.

And then I heard Missy’s song and fell in love, so yeah, make sure you listen to:

Take You There (Missy Elliot Remix)


 To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar

This album wasn’t his best in my opinion, but I swear mainstream artists always sound better before they blow up and their label starts dictating what they have to put out. Lol

I’m pretty sure my favorites coincide with everyone else’s favs:

King Kunta


What were your favorite albums of the year?

(Seriously, I need to know because my iTunes needs some major updating. Help a sister out, will ya? Lol)


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