Why does this Arizona taste so damn good?

So I was on the train on my way to work, helluh annoyed at the fact that I was late (thanks to the stupid MTA) and the fact that my laptop insists on correcting me, even though I pressed the x to tell it not to like a thousand times!


I wanna say tryna not trine damnit. Ugh!

But what ever, I texted my boss, she says it’s okay.

It’s totally not but …


Immediately after I start coughing like a damn fool and so I figured I’d drink some of this Arizona I have, praying it’ll help.


I swear this Arizona just made my mood better! Why the hell does this ish taste so damn good? Like, no, seriously! This is the best Arizona yet! I swear it taste just as good as the Strawberry Lemonade from Wendy’s only without the strawberry pieces on the bottom. Lol

Don’t worry, Arizona isn’t paying me to tell y’all how good it is or anything, but this is as close to liquid crack as you’re gonna get. (I hope.)

Don’t do drugs you guys! Lol

If you haven’t tasted it you better go getchu one and stop playing games! Just know that if you do get addicted to it, that’s all on you! Sorry!

(So not sorry! Lol)


So talk to me y’all, what’s your favorite Arizona?

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss this!

(I bet your favorite doesn’t taste better than mine!)


Featured photo credit: http://www.arizona.com


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